Korea’s Deadly Fixation On Plastic Surgery

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A fixation on plastic surgery is slaughtering Koreans, said the Chosun Ilbo. “There is presumably no other nation where plastic specialists place advertisements on the sides of buses,” with before and after after the photos enticing individuals to extend their eyes or narrow their noses. Again and again, the genuine “after” photograph would portray a casket. Simply a week ago, another young lady passed on after remedial jaw surgery performed at an outpatient facility. The “greatly troublesome” system, initially created to cure intrinsic procedures however now used to make a heart-shaped face, requires specialists to scrape away the jawbone while keeping away from delicate nerves and muscles.

It has turned into the most recent furor in Seoul, a city where one in five ladies has had no less than one plastic surgery, and now we’re seeing “a surge in complaints about abhorrent reactions.” Most of the centers need fundamental equipment, for example, respirators and defibrillators, and numerous utilization “visiting anesthesiologists” who leave the building before the patient even comes to.

Medicinal services authorities need to force “much harder regulations on unsafe restorative methods.” Korea as of now has the questionable honor of leading the world in restorative surgeries per capita.