Meiktila, Myanmar – Muslims massacred

A burnt house is seen in Meikhtila

0.0 00 Meiktila, Myanmar Muslims massacred: Newly released satellite photographs have revealed the extent of the sectarian violence in central Myanmar last month, in which Buddhist mobs torched hundreds of Muslim homes, killing at least 43 people. According to Human Rights Watch, the group that released the images, more than 860 buildings in the town of Meiktila were destroyed damaged […]

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Cremation: Increasingly Popular & Cheaper Too!

Does it cost more to be cremated or buried

5.0 01 Cremation has become increasingly popular among current generations. One of the most common questions people seem to consider regarding the choice is Does it cost more to be cremated or buried? The not so surprising answer is “burial” of course. Because of this, the traditional burial, once so important in the grieving process, is becoming a thing of […]

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Spectators Gored To Death In Bullfight

gored to death at bullfight

5.0 02 Arjona, Colombia Killed at bullfight: Spectators were gored to death and dozens injured at a bullfight in northern Colombia. One man was gored through the heart, while another was tossed on a bull’s horns and then dragged around the ring. It is not uncommon for participants or spectators to be gored to death at bullfights. Unlike Spanish bullfights, […]

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