Miracle shot worth $75k

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■    Michael Drysch last week had the kind of night basketball fans can only dream of. The 50-year-old computer technician had been selected to attempt a half-court shot during the Miami Heat-Detroit Pistons game. When Drysch threw his long hook shot high into the air, the crowd groaned, then screamed in delight as the ball went in. Superstar LeBron James was so thrilled he ran to mid-court to congratulate Drysch, knocking him to the floor in an embrace. “I had made that shot something like 1 percent of the time in my life,” said Drysch, who won $75,000 for his efforts.

Michael Drysch Sinks Half Court Basket, Lebron James Helps Him Celebrate

Basketball star tackles fan after he makes amazing shot to win 75,000.