Son of mugger makes amends

■    The 15-year-old son of an accused mugger met this week with his father’s alleged victim to make amends. Christian Lunsford sought out Tona Herndon—who had her purse snatched while visiting her late husband’s gravesite in Bethany, Okla.—after learning that his father, Shane, had been arrested for the crime. The teenager met with Herndon to apologize and give back $250 […]

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Cremation: Increasingly Popular & Cheaper Too!

Does it cost more to be cremated or buried

Cremation has become increasingly popular among current generations. One of the most common questions people seem to consider regarding the choice is Does it cost more to be cremated or buried? The not so surprising answer is “burial” of course. Because of this, the traditional burial, once so important in the grieving process, is becoming a thing of the past. […]

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Eight Men Who Are Doing Quite Well

A notice appeared in the paper recently with the names and faces of eight men who have a combined wealth of $426 billion. According to Oxfam International, in 2015 this would have equaled the amount of wealth held by half the world’s population, the poorest half. Oxfam International is a confederation of charitable organizations in 90 countries seeking to stop the injustices that […]

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