Penguin cams film hunt for food under Antarctic ice

Penguin cams
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Research into penguins has plunged to new depths with the release of images which provide a glimpse of life beneath the Antarctic ice. Penguin cams have been able to capture footage which reveals a look into the life of a penguin that we rarely get to see.

Miniature penguin cams were attached to the backs of Adelie penguins by scientists from the French and Japanese national Antarctic programs before they went out to sea in search of food.

The penguin cams weighed between 15 and 22 grams and were recovered when the birds returned to their nests.




Penguin cam gives bird's eye view of hunting in Antarctica

Japanese scientists have recorded video footage from Adélie penguins as they forage for food in Hukuro Cove, Antarctica. The film shows penguins making shallow dives and going on hunting expeditions for krill, fish and other marine creatures. Small accelerometers on the birds' heads and bodies capture their movement and the moment they strike.