Poem – And Love Got Tired Of My Undecidedness. (By Emmanuel Stephen Ogboh)

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And Love Got Tired Of My Undecidedness


Leah gave me head in a dark boulevard

Followed me the whole twenty fucking yards

She knows it’s a game

And she came when I came.


And left when I turned left.


Fañ kissed my lips in an empty parking lot

Begging for sex, he gave decency no thought

I swear I was frisky

But told him it was risky.


And turned left when he left.


Love calls my name from a photograph

Urging me to consider her epigraphs

But I’ve been after cheap thrills and the flesh

And the truth waiting like a fresh quiche.


Until the heft of a dull regret is left.


Author Bio: Emmanuel Stephen Ogboh

Emmanuel Stephen Ogboh started writing his observations and experiences four years ago, inspired by Lisa Smallwood, an American poet. His works have since appeared in Tuck, Better Than Starbucks, Fourth Wave, Vox Poetica, Literary Yard, Down in the Dirt and elsewhere. He lives in eastern Nigeria and just recently dropped out of school.