Poem – Arcachon (By John Swain)

Arcachon Ebb tide to sea wave breaks, headland entrance, bay flow while the mooring buoys lie beside their weighted chains, seas gather, a grass island rises for the gull and heron-spear. A blue pinasse sits in mud, pine trees, lighthouse, dunes open to the south, I close my eyes to the winds, lips dried by sun, wine soft, horse swims, […]

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Poem – Liberation (By Amy Hrynchuk)

  Liberation “We heard a loud voice repeating the same words in English and in German…”1 May 25 1940, the first transport of thousands were marched through those gates. Gates that opened to what a select few called the Final Solution. But to those on the inside, the Final Solution had yet to come. Their Liberation Their Freedom Numbers painfully […]

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Poem – Revue (By Rony Nair)

There’s the varnish. the wall. the tinder of grey, that give off the stench, of a world trying; in the pontificate.   the joke, the stretch. Monotones; That wonder whether to accost, Accede. An unfamiliar rotundity next to a soon to close bar.   I walk past those ponds you cropped thinking of the roads you traveled the gush sonorous. […]

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