Poem – Are We Real (By Melissa R. Mendelson)

Are We Real – By Melissa R. Mendelson

The elderly couple sat in their chairs,

waiting to be called.

As they waited,

they drew close,

and he said,

“What is Reality?”

She didn’t answer.

“How do we know,

if this, we

are real?”

Still, no answer.

“Does that not

worry you?”

She took a long moment to think,

and then she said,

“As long as I am with you,

I do not care.”

He nodded and gently squeezed her hand.

“All I know,”

and he looked deep into her eyes,

“is that the soul does not lie

in my head.”


Author Bio:

Melissa R. Mendelson graduated college with both an AA in Liberal Arts and BA in Mass Communication: Critical Analysis. She was a Long Island news reporter from 2002 to 2004 and later went to work for the State of New York. She has written a variety of writing that continuously is published by the Antarctica Journal News, and she recently finished writing her first Horror/Sci-Fi novel, Lizardian, which can temporarily be found as an E-book on Amazon Kindle.