Poem – BLACK MADONNA (By Bob Trabold)



 Altoetting, Germany

Robert Trabold


Dark chapel pierced by candle

light. Silver – gold glittering!

Stately candles on the alter

add solemnity. Many yellow

roses blend with gold – silver.

In the middle, small dark

statue – woman with a child

dressed in black – gold

holding a golden rose.

Silence reigns in the chapel.

Many people – pilgrims

no talking – stand at attention

in presence of the Black Madonna.

Statues centuries old

1000 years – Who knows?

People travel – come from far

wide like me.

We carry our human load

ourselves – our world.

Many clouds of thunder

need more rays of sunshine.

Myself with all the

crowd stand here

in silence. No spoken

words – deeper ones inside of us.

Dark skin of the Virgin

child mysterious

gives us hope in the

road of life – our earthly voyage.

I know that the Virgin

with child are listening.

We all stand in silence

praying – hoping.

It will all work out.