Poem – Corpus Christi (By Milenko Zupanovic)


Author: Milenko Zupanovic



in a procession

of almost

the entire city,

it leads to

the statue

of the saint

on the hill,

relics returned

to the church

a stranger,

only in a white

slept next to

the statue

of the saint

thorns stuck

into his hand,

blood trickled

down by snow

boards of the city,

he cried

and so fell asleep

everybody was crying,

strangers were buried

next to the statue

crying that echoed

the empty church.

Jesus the Savior.


Author Bio: Milenko Zupanovic

Milenko Zupanovic was born in 1978 in Kotor (Montenegro). By profession he is a graduate marine engineer, but in his free time, he writes poetry and short stories. His stories and poems have been published by many magazines, blogs and websites, mostly in the Europe, U.S. and in Latin America.

In 2010 he wrote and published his first book, a collection of stories, and he also written and published few collections of poems (ebooks). In 2015 he wrote and published his second book , a collection of stories and poetry. In 2016 he wrote his third book , a collection of poetry (published in USA, project ''Poems for all'') Milenko is an ethnic Croat and lives in the town of Kotor (Montenegro) with his wife and 3 sons.