Poem – Crossword Adventurer (By David Russell)

Crossword Adventurer

Isn’t it great! The chessboard gone wonky,

Thrust into eddies of new clusters –

All-dimensional vistas.

Isn’t it great to peel and pave the words,

To lick their sounds,

To hone the code letters with your pencil sharpener.


Happy jump from ‘right’ to ‘dream’ –

City breath pause,

Gurgling word-chain.


Torture, hiatus of connection;

Now predator inverts to bloom.

Find the emphasis load for the key –

Dropped aitches

Happy insertion – sure, innit?


Passive/active flip.

Broken inversion with another inversion.

A pun is a trouble-maker; that’s good.


But it sometimes blocks the association

Conditional insertion.


You can get from New Orleans to Sloane Square

By anagram cable,

Snap into the indefinite article.


Author Bio:

David Russell was born in 1940. Resident in the UK. Writer of poetry, literary criticism, speculative fiction and romance. Main poetry collection Prickling Counterpoints (1998); poems published in online International Times. Main speculative works High Wired On (2002); Rock Bottom (2005). Translation of Spanish epic La Araucana, Amazon 2013. Romances: Self’s Blossom; Explorations; Further Explorations; Therapy Rapture; Darlene, An Ecstatic Rendezvous (all pub Extasy (Devine Destinies). Singer-songwriter/guitarist. Main CD albums Bacteria Shrapnel and Kaleidoscope Concentrate. Many tracks on You Tube.


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