Poem – Do Not Sneer At This Poem (By Agbaakin O. Jeremiah)

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Do not sneer at this poem

Call me a bard of doom

But do not sneer at this poem:

The searing sun

tickled the ribs of the sky

it all stared,

yes, that tragedy began with a safe smile

squirting in the form of slender drizzles like sick tubers.


they say Mother Nature is slow to anger

indeed, a flood is a slow snail

preparing for the waterloo ceremony

the mute moon ran away

when agonised voices of house-losers

and the sounds of houses

falling flat as a Yoruba godson before an elder

deafened the serene

in the lair of space and time.

They said the flood was blood thirsty

that’s why the four sparkling rivers in my hamlet

wore a red scarf across their loins

and persecuted trees had no choice but to finally rest

but there’s still no rest.


Author Bio:

Agbaakin O. Jeremiah, a NIGERIAN poet and campus Editor is a final year law student in University of Ibadan.

He won the maiden Ogidigbo Poetry Prize; and is a six-time runner-up of 2016 Briggite Poirson Poetry Contest.

He is featured/forthcoming on Sentinel Quarterly, Tuck Magazine, B.P.P.C (Loops of Hope) Anthology, Irawo Anthology, PIN Quarterly Journal, Kalahari, Praxis Magazine, Sub-Saharan Magazine, African Writer and elsewhere.