Poem – Hope (By Naushena)


I bring sunshine in your day,
A spark in your eyes,
Spread smile in your sinking heart,
I fill warmth in your body
I am hope, a ray –
The silver lining behind the dark clouds
The embers in the dying fire,
I come secretly, tip toe silently
You see me not but feel
Like a blowing wind,
For I am invisible
I stay, till you let despair in
For he’s my arch rival,
Once he barges in,
I leave for my survival
Because one sheath can’t hold two swords;
One is the killer and other, the savior.


Author Bio: Naushena

Bio: Poetry writing is Naushena’s passion through which she expresses her feelings and emotions. She also writes essays sporadically and her work covers a wide range of topics from the themes of society in general to human experiences. She has been published in Five Poetry, The Black Lion Journal, Scarlet Leaf Review 8- West Press, Mad Swirl, Boston Literary Magazine, Mamalode, Mothers Always Write, EXPOUND , Digging Through the Fat and Lummox Journal.