Poem – I Shall Leave (By Wafula p’Khisa)


When, out of exhaustion
To set hurries the sun;
I will be on toes
To respond to call of time.

I shall leave
With the little I’d have reaped
From the golden stool of prominence;
I shall leave
Behind the sacred palm
My people have tended and irrigated
With oceans of sweat and blood.

I will need no cry
I will need no lambs for sacrifice
When the song and rhythm of time go down
My fragile bones will be aching;
I will dance to more.

And when the One Above calls
That my hallowed space is ready,
I will exhibit no lag
To unburden the burdened;
To settle the unsettled
I shall leave!



Wafula p’Khisa is a Kenyan poet, essayist, critic, writer and teacher. He studied Education, English and Literature at Moi University. His works have appeared on The Seattle Star and The Legendary Magazine.