Poem – Journey (For My Father) By Melissa R. Mendelson

Journey (For My Father)


I wish I could say

that we are like

any other father and daughter.

I wish that I could say

that we are the best of friends,

but it took us a long time

to get here.

I wish I could say

that I could tell you anything,


but you still would not understand.

I wish I could say

that we would always see the world

in the same light,

but my eyes see different.

And you know that,

and it took us a long time

to get here.

But here we are,


hand in hand

like father and daughter


and what I wish to say,

what you should know

is that despite our bitter words,

head butts,

here we still are,

staring at the other

with love and respect.

And I want to say

that I will always love you,

and I will never leave

where we are today

but stay by your side

through the best of times

and the worst of times

because it took


to be here.


Author Bio:

Melissa R. Mendelson graduated college with both an AA in Liberal Arts and BA in Mass Communication: Critical Analysis. She was a Long Island news reporter from 2002 to 2004 and later went to work for the State of New York. She has written a variety of writing that continuously is published by the Antarctica Journal News, and she recently finished writing her first Horror/Sci-Fi novel, Lizardian, which can temporarily be found as an E-book on Amazon Kindle.