Poem – LET’S GO FLY A KITE (By Narges)

Let’s go fly the kite – By Narges


Friend, gather the broken frame

Change the eroded parts

Attach the needed new pieces

Allow new glue to dry

Apply a fresh coat of color to frame

Choose a vibrant shade for cover


It is time to fly the kite


If you can, mend the old links

Put aside the ones you can’t fix

Add the new found rare-links

Attach the unique tail

to body of repaired kite

Adorn it with rainbow color bow

Take it out of the old cold-damp-room

Display it on new emerald green grass


Get ready to fly the kite


Earth is thawed sun is out air is crisp

Daffodils are flaunting their blooms

Tulips are stretching their arms

Trees offer their new buds

A rare flower named friendship has revived

Reach and hold my hand, sing a happy tune


Let’s go fly the kite.