Poem – Magic (By Joshua Medsker)


and in concert with you
replenish as I dip

I was walking through Chinatown the other day, down by the Bowery, and I stopped on a corner, at Avenue of the Strongest. I saw an espresso bar across the street. As I was contemplating what drink to get, it hit me upside the head. I stood there, mouth probably hanging open, people walking past me, just lost in thought.

through my eyes / laugh
my voice / pen

I realized that being in the zone, so to speak, isn’t a gift granted from above, but an elevated mental state I’ve been able to enter through periods of continuous practice and experimentation. And here’s the most important part… this inspiration and ability to create has been passed on to me, from our shared consciousness.

Slowly, my reservoir fills
until finally, skin flushed
I send the love out

In a very real way, I feel like it’s my duty is to pass along this gift of energy, and create something someone else can use.

And that is magic—seen
the practical
building block of creation.

Love is the method to attune yourself to the needs of others and enter into a symbiotic back and forth. We call it magic because it continually surprises us.


Author Bio: Joshua Medsker

Josh Medsker is a New Jersey poet originally from Alaska. His debut full-length poetry collection, Cacophony, was published in 2019 by Alien Buddha Press. His work has previously appeared in Antarctica Journal. (