Poem – Malnourished (By Akor Emmanuel Oche)


mild noon-time breeze,
the sunrise clang the bells
for ideal men to get to work.
(shrug the dust off your shoulders)
a poet embraces time by
carefully walking a mile.
thoughts of her rush in again..
like photography, your image
is embroidered on my mind,
every junction and corner reminds
me of your skinless flesh;
a cellophane on dried up bones.
how did the world get so unwise
how did the earth get so tasty
for your blood child?
death is a wish ungranted,
we pray her come, with words unanswered.
happy are the once who fall
into eternal rest, go. prepare ye
the way of the just.
if today we do not die
of this shanty, of this crowd,
if today, sin do not find us errand boys,
if this war doesn’t break loose
in our mortal beings
then tomorrow, we shall greet the echelons
with stones, if our words bear no meaning.


Author Bio:

Akor Emmanuel Oche is a Nigerian poet, critic, essayist and thinker. His poems have been published or forthcoming in Ann arbor review, Pyrokinection, Mamba journal for Africa haiku, Synchronized chaos magazine, Greysparrow press, poeticdiversity, Pengician, Tuck magazine, Praxis magazine, Savehage review, Expound magazine, AFAS review among others.