Poem – My God (By Milenko Zupanovic)

My God

Author: Milenko Županović


King wanted

to build a

hill in this place

works are going

very slowly

his insane ideas

workers have died

in this place

when King was

already old,

ordered the

construction stops

the sun is shining

on a  rocks

Along the valleye

choed my God, my God

At that moment,

everyone knelt

and began to cry,

except the king,

who all watched silently

It seemed

the sun is crying

He had something

to tell me,

to convey

a secret message

The sun is shining

on my face

and I sank

into eternity

My God, my God ….


Author Bio: Milenko Zupanovic

Milenko Zupanovic was born in 1978 in Kotor (Montenegro). By profession he is a graduate marine engineer, but in his free time, he writes poetry and short stories. His stories and poems have been published by many magazines, blogs and websites, mostly in the Europe, U.S. and in Latin America.

In 2010 he wrote and published his first book, a collection of stories, and he also written and published few collections of poems (ebooks). In 2015 he wrote and published his second book , a collection of stories and poetry. In 2016 he wrote his third book , a collection of poetry (published in USA, project ''Poems for all'') Milenko is an ethnic Croat and lives in the town of Kotor (Montenegro) with his wife and 3 sons.