Poem – Off The Wheel (By DC Diamondopolous)

Off The Wheel


I rallied

under the wheel

the last

the very last

I knew my breath

wasn’t for living

not here 

where thoughts pave the streets

and words ricochet

nothing ever leaves us

it can 

if we want

to be more of ourselves

and less of others

to worship love

and what’s behind it

I place on the altar of my mind

the highest thought

keep it there

let it prosper

until illumination fills earth’s vision

when dancing

is more fun than war

where bliss is the norm

truth reaches deep up up and out

until the thing that is in us

through us and loves us

we leave behind our bodies

spiral and yearn

until we do it all over 




into the known

I want to take you with me


the journey so much sweeter

the fun of two

let’s sail along the flow

the crest was made for us

let’s yes this thing called life

care not

who tells us no


Author Bio: DC Diamondopolous

DC Diamondopolous is an award-winning short story and flash fiction writer with over 150 stories published internationally in print and online magazines, literary journals, and anthologies. DC's stories have appeared in: So It Goes: The Literary Journal of the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library, Lunch Ticket, Raven Chronicles, Silver Pen, Scarlet Leaf Review, and many others. DC was nominated for Best of the Net Anthology. She lives with her wife and animals on the beautiful California central coast.