Poem – Oh This Time! (Neelamani Sutar)


On the tips of our fingers

Is playing, the spring

Hide and seek

With colors!

But beneath our feet

No lush green grass,

Only poisonous shrubs.


From the mouth of desires

Uttered rain drops pattering

And, in our brains

Bright red fire!


With wings widely spread

Dancing, black owl the angel of death

The future though uncertain,

Ignored mercilessly.



A She-swine ceaselessly, is beating a human infant

With her sagged breast nipples?


Somebody has cruelly pinned

The fast moving time

To prehistoric wall, and

We see a surgical Knife sparkling

In time’s mighty hand.

Nights running away

On the strange streets,

An atlas of dread fear

In their flaccid eyes,

Bloods trickling down the bandage

Of their age old wounds.


The lives

Who sleep on the foot paths?

Now immutable

On the canvas of the serene sky

And their eyes blank

No luster there!


On the other side of the road

Tender grasses of new morn,

On the wide chest of green corn field

Waves of golden paddy!


O’ the soul of this brutal time,

Treacherously left your cage

The perishable body,

Rampant of life;

Why are you now tiptoeing?

Into the city of nerves

With alert steps!


We therefore pray thee,

One day,

Red roses will bloom

With thousand colors of rich human spirit

On the sand beds of dried up river.


Author Bio:

PhotoNeelamani Sutar writes since his childhood days. He is a Prasar Bharati approved Playwright and Lyricist. He writes lyrics, plays, stories, novels, musical features, etc. His plays are broadcasted through Radio Centers. He is a contributing author : ‘Something Happened on the Way to Heaven’ – Edited by : Sudha Murty, Published by ; Penguin India Publishers; Co-poet : ‘Purple Hues’, Published by Sanmati Publishers and Distributors; Co-poet : ‘The Pink Throne’ Published by : Ink Lovers Publishers. “The Untold Love Stories “ Published by : Authors Ink Publication, ‘Aqullrelle’ (Rejected Stock), ‘Eternal song of Human Love’ Published by Creative Impulse, ‘Feminine Love & Mystery, Published by Creative Impulse. Deep Tales Anthology (, Four Seasons Anthology (Hurricane Press). A Regular Author of Journals – Long Lit, Literary Voyage, Asian Age (Newspaper) & Aagaman-The Arrival. He is honoured and awarded for his lyrics and stories. Address for correspondence : Neelamani Sutar, C/o – Udayshree, Narayan Mishra Lane, P.O. – Arunodaya Market, Dist – Cuttack, State : Odisha, Pin – 753009. Email ID –, Phone : +91 9437273934.