Poem – On Love (By Naushena)

On Love

I thought today what love is
And now you read all this.
Love inhabits the hearts of people
Give and take is the only principle.

Love is ignoring the qualities one lacks
And appreciating the virtues one has.
Love is giving each other surprises
No matter what are the sizes.

Love is listening to music in car
Enjoying together in every hour.
Love is remembering each other’s dates
And understanding sufficiently your mates.

Love is cooking dishes he likes the most
Fish, chicken, rice or roast.
Love is presenting flowers to her
Getting closer in every December.

Love is recalling his gestures of affection
And acknowledging he gives you attention.
Love is taking her to her favorite place
Rain or shine, whatever is the case.

Care, endurance and compromise are all the emotions
That floats in the love oceans.
So love you her and love you him
Lest love light gets quite dim.


Author Bio: Naushena

Bio: Poetry writing is Naushena’s passion through which she expresses her feelings and emotions. She also writes essays sporadically and her work covers a wide range of topics from the themes of society in general to human experiences. She has been published in Five Poetry, The Black Lion Journal, Scarlet Leaf Review 8- West Press, Mad Swirl, Boston Literary Magazine, Mamalode, Mothers Always Write, EXPOUND , Digging Through the Fat and Lummox Journal.