Poem – Quality Control (By Chanacee Ruth-Killgore)

Quality Control

By Chanacee Ruth-Killgore


This, not that.
No, the other way.
Fix it!
Turn it around;
make it the same.


Shh… don’t speak!
Don’t question or think.
is the name of the game.


Author Bio:

chanacee w-typewriter

Chanacee Ruth-Killgore is a wife, pup wrangler, book lover and writer. She is author of the Alphabet Soup adventure-fantasy series for middle grade readers as well as a new cozy mystery series, Hart of the Smokies. Chanacee lives in East Tennessee with her husband, Michael, and their two wild pups, Wrigley and Arkkis Pond. You can find more about her on Facebook, Twitter or at