Poem – Redemption Afar (By Wafula p’Khisa)


Those who sent their men to war
Still wait, forever wait
Their return at full moon.
Those whose men returned long ago
Still wait, forever wait
To be issued their fortune.

We hoped amidst the struggle
Our blood shall dry not, but sprout
Into long-bearing palm trees of joy
As we wrestled with nightmares of time
We remained awake to see dreams;
We marched to death with pride!

A messiah arose from shadows then
Throned at twilight,
And immediately fell asleep;
Our songs of glory waned
As the skies vomited rains on us.

We think in Canaan we’ve arrived
Every time we throne a king
Only to realize we’re still on thresholds of Egypt:
Fortune comes not with ease
You must open your thighs, know people or fill one’s stomach
To taste the kingdom of your dream
Fortune comes not with ease…

Our stars are shattered
In darkness we wander thus, condemned
Waiting, forever waiting
The beautiful ones to come forth
Upon the kingdom promised.

Our shepherds in cathedrals
The few chosen to look after us
Too can’t stand hunger and thirst–
They scramble for sheep,
To us sell salvation expensively;
And eat us with relish–
Robbery without violence!



Wafula p’Khisa is a Kenyan poet, essayist, critic, writer and teacher. He studied Education, English and Literature at Moi University. His works have appeared on The Seattle Star and The Legendary Magazine.