Poem – Room Of Silence (By Amy Hrynchuk)

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Room Of Silence

Nine in one little room, not making a sound. One working busily behind her desk. Two read
books while one reads a magazine,
while on writes in notebook. A leg shakes nervously across the room, while two rock beside him.
Another two are drifting off to sleep. All wait to hear a name called by the one who dares to
disturb the rooms’ silence.

One is finally called away to another, smaller room and now eight remain in the silence. Two
continue to read books as one keeps writing. The magazine was put down and replaced with closed eyes,
joining one that remains drifting. Rotating feet have taken over the shaking and now one plays
with their cell phone. All the while the one busy working, places phone calls. The room quickly
returns back to its silence.

As another name is called, seven heads look up to watch another one walk away. Two remain
sleeping, one even snores quietly. Two books are still being read and one is still writing away.
Games are now being played on the cell phone, while the one working disappears. The silence in the room
is not interrupted until a phone rings from within a purse.

Phone calls are still being made from behind the desk as two more are summoned, putting an end
to the snoring. One still writes away in a notebook. Across the room a piano is being played on
the knees, as two get deeper into their books. Aside from the quiet phone calls being completed
behind the desk, silence once again takes over the room.

Talking behind the desk cuts into the silence of the room just before another two are called away
from the silence. The one left to their writing begins to stare into the unknown. One book is now
left being read. Typing is heard from behind the desk as the one left sleeping decides to leave and
wait no more. The silence is briefly gone as the door chime goes off.

The one behind the desk quickly calls the one reading. As typing slowly cuts into the silence of
the room, the writer is left with only their thoughts and written words. At last that final name has
been called and the room has been emptied of its silent visitors for another day. Only to repeat the
process tomorrow with new people waiting.