Poem – Same Preparation (By E.M. Whitney)

Same Preparation


Lord feels like I am caught in a trap
Just there for somebody to see
Lusting I know is wrong
I do not want somebody to see

All I see in them
Your great sons and great daughters
I seek the same God as they do
Forgive me that I touch not
Those things

Ungiven to me yet
Far off or never, yet I see
The light that leads me on
From the dark of the days before

I met Jesus for myself
We walked alone, with enemies
All around us

I do not care about what people say about
Me. One thing is enough like I had been
Wasted away in the past thirty five years or so
What love done, the devil tried to destroy it
Great is Jesus holding every hand,

He keeps on telling us wise things
Forgive me for turning on you
Trying to find my own way out

Soar like the wings of a eagle in the
Clouds without a worry to say,
Often when the clouds turn gray
They might say they have no life

For night embling on boards that
The Savior lay on his body so bruise and bloody
The temple tore and until the sun shone
Yes, yes, now I know that this is Gods son
Walking in the same rain and showers

The flowers and make them grow,
Still and shallow as welled in tears
Grows grass I closed my eyes and on the awe
Of this all, the cankling roots where a allusion
Somehow someone swearing
Bade had their efforts and ways sittiing upon
Alternative sighing and looking in the

Forbidden hidden in darkness somehow they
Alloited to grow devices
Instead of come to know love
The free gift inspiring
That was given from God’s heart.