Poem – SILENT WINTER (By Robert Trabold)


SILENT WINTER (By Robert Trabold)


Bitter cold – wind

touch the bones.

Snow coming – came

same weather – no change.


I have to stay home

not many activities

outside – meetings

cancelled too cold.


Change for me – have

time on my hands.

I am always busy

many things to do.


Quiet descends on me

vacant time. What

should I do? What can

I do?


Look at pictures of

beautiful art – gives

me joy to see such

loveliness. My heart lifted.


Silence touches me

Someone enters

Divine – the Beloved

space made for Him.


I am now in

another way of living

time – silence on

my hands – mystery.


I have to take advantage

of this moment – silence

emptiness. Life is

not summed up in endless

running around.


Let me go deeper

see different things.

I hear silent knock

at the door – let me

open – savor it.