Poem – Tangled (By David Russell)


Drawing the cross slices tramline nuggets,

Sizing out torture’s cavity,

Wrenching the hopeful – slashes, threads all.


The anchor is split, tossed on a shroud,

The elements burgeoning right.

The chain is rusted, marking starfish,

Shakes in a ticking melody.


Calipers rented, mayhem dented,

Cholesterol’s bulb fouls the maggots away;

All pupae are gelled, numb triplets they scud

Until to the daylight they stray.


Now everyone knows, however one goes,

Tarpaulins turn petals to showers;

So gall swells to light and, moss-ridden, stalls

From gelatine rocks into flowers.


Full heightened, deranged, a bugle is changed,

Correct for a lintel to blunder;

Five floor-mops paraded, five hides sore abraded

For turning dumb breezes to thunder.


Carbolic’s the path, in vermin the wrath,

Tassellated the prurient vixen;

To tumble amok, out-carded in luck,

The microphone started the mixing.

Ding, ding, sanity’s string,

Put a bet on calamity – evens.