Poem – The Chibok Tale (By Adebesin Ibraheem)

The Chibok Tale


It’s a haunting tale that unites humanity

As the Chibok zone of remote obscurity

Crept into global consciousness in its adversity

The day the puritan extremists sacked

A Chibok school in phony military tact

And snatched supple schoolgirls into Sambisa tract

Its forewarned state had refused to act!


The hypocritical combatants so dumb!

Detest western books but not western bomb

With which they make us all so numb

Their fiendish frenzy not sourced from the holy tome

Let all curious critics carefully comb

Our Book and see it’s peace we preach in our dome


Our perfidious presidency; its reckless wretch

Our sullen soldiers; their circuitous search

The incoherent school head that made one retch

Shekau’s auction threats that made hearts lurch

Stirred global outrage; the world besmirch

Our land, pulling us deeper down the trench


On the streets, on the net, voices swelled into a throng

Across the world it’s a ubiquitous song

“Bring Back Our Girls” sung in just one tongue!

Occidental and Oriental powers bid to get along

The dawdling host rather deepened the wrong

With its damning dalliance that dampened the strong


All hopes, tortured, as days heaped, heaped our fears

And weeks begot months, months begot years

Why is Bringing Back Our Girls just so hard?

Shekau’s video taunts; his winning card

Take the swap bait, give in, and get the shard!

The lassie remains sure would have lost their regard


Thinking of the amnesia in the amnesty deal

What would the seared, sore, silenced souls feel?

The arms harmed, hearts hurt, may never heal

And many stealing scoundrels the deal may steel

“Bring Back Our Girls”, then, would be just a spiel!

© adebesin


Author Bio: Adebesin Ibraheem

My name is Adebesin Ibraheem, a graduate of English. I am a passionate writer of poems, plays and novels/short stories. I have a published prose work titled“The University of Life”, a book recommended by the Lagos State government (in Nigeria) for the Year 12 class of schools in Lagos State. I also have a collection of unpublished poems. My chequered life experiences and my unquenchable urge to create, to write, spurred my interest in the beautiful art of writing. However, my passion for weaving richly embellished words has sustained my love for the art. I am still a young writer, particularly in the area of the advanced techniques of writing, but I doggedly aspire to learn more, through extensive reading, critical writing trainings, seminars, symposia, etc.