Poem – The Closing Stage (By Adebesin Ibraheem)

The Closing Stage

I’m afraid the end-time is near
See the maddening impunity of depraved heads
The mediocre misfit manning our stolen mandate –
The perfidious president, the gluttonous governors,
The crooked councillors, the law-breaker law-makers:
All self-seeking merchants of loot!
See the opportunistic stratocrats
Patriotically riding on the civilians’ profligacy

I’m afraid the end-time is near
See the jagged judges jailing Job than Judas
See the lethal lawyers lustering lies for luscious gains
See the many masked mass murdering extremists
Bearing lunatic loathing for western ways
And shelling to shards with gory thirst
See the many aggrieved Deltan bands
The vengeful victims of our insensate state
Making a Milch cow of abducted fellows
Seized for soiling the Deltan soil

I’m afraid the end time is near
See the many blood-thirsty tribal fanatics
Ruining prized riches and priceless souls
See the many unwaged, disenchanted youths
Willing tools in the hands of pseudo patriots
Fuelling feuds among the diverse peoples
See dismembered bodies strewn on bloody streets

I’m afraid the end-time is near
See the ubiquitous, unceasing crunch
Wrecking the mighty and the limp nations
See once potent currencies now growing irreversibly limp
See corporations crashing for dearth of cash
See nations mourning mass hunger-induced deaths

I’m afraid the end-time is near
See religion now commonly commercialized
See homily now bereft of the customary pious creed
See Morality talk murdered for prosperity greed
See religion now spawning satanic breeds –
Witchery, Wizardry, Illuminatism, Voodooism, Vampirism…
See occult authority prevailing in the world
See daemons ruling God’s houses in saintly guise

I’m afraid the end-time is near
Education now perverts than edifies
See the erudite now very sorrily corrupt
See schools now breeding grounds for sordid socialization
What killed the founding philosophy of academy?
See varied perversions besetting schooling worldover –
Astute book wizards ghosting for slow-witted learners,
Teachers conceding morals to crispy currencies
Schools jostling for fame at all costs
Students too deeply distracted to learn
The government giving meagerly to learning course
Parents desperately wanting brainless kids succeed at exams
Occult acts permeating tertiary, high and basic schools!

I’m afraid the end-time is near
See modern society so utterly upturned
See homes fractured, and kids wandering off
See society extolling unwarranted fortune
As laurels seek the disreputably wealthy few
And mediocre shot into the Hall of Fame
Ritual killings, fraudulent crimes, prostitution…
All offshoots of the materialism society backs
See untamed freedom breeding lunatic lust
Homosexualism and bisexualism
Now the culture across the earth’s length and breadth

I’m afraid the end-time is near
See the abundant infections now afflicting us
As though newly spawned by some angered gods
See the apocalyptic disasters now daily rocking our earth
The Ozone exhaustion, the volcanic eruption,
The quaking, the surging and the monstrous flooding…

Surely the end is N-e-a-r.
No, the end time is HERE!

                                    © adebesin


Author Bio: Adebesin Ibraheem

My name is Adebesin Ibraheem, a graduate of English. I am a passionate writer of poems, plays and novels/short stories. I have a published prose work titled“The University of Life”, a book recommended by the Lagos State government (in Nigeria) for the Year 12 class of schools in Lagos State. I also have a collection of unpublished poems. My chequered life experiences and my unquenchable urge to create, to write, spurred my interest in the beautiful art of writing. However, my passion for weaving richly embellished words has sustained my love for the art. I am still a young writer, particularly in the area of the advanced techniques of writing, but I doggedly aspire to learn more, through extensive reading, critical writing trainings, seminars, symposia, etc.