Poem – The Confluence (By Naushena)

The Confluence
It sprang as a result of
The piercing eyes of the sun
That disrobed the Alps of their lily-white sheets.
There it set off to its long journey,
Trickling on the face of the mountain like a tear,
Diverging from the path – the path
Others were not taking
For it was a rebel like a youth,
Unstoppable and willful,
Clear as a crystal, murmuring in the valley,
As if singing a lullaby,
Bifurcated and made its way
Gliding and slithering like a snake,
Plummeting like a roller coaster
From the precipice
Meandering gently through a meadow
To reach its destination
And yielded, forgetting its own identity
And merged into confluence and became one.


Author Bio: Naushena

Bio: Poetry writing is Naushena’s passion through which she expresses her feelings and emotions. She also writes essays sporadically and her work covers a wide range of topics from the themes of society in general to human experiences. She has been published in Five Poetry, The Black Lion Journal, Scarlet Leaf Review 8- West Press, Mad Swirl, Boston Literary Magazine, Mamalode, Mothers Always Write, EXPOUND , Digging Through the Fat and Lummox Journal.