Poem – THE ESTHETICS OF SELF (By Peter Taylor)

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Against the horizon,

you must always consider


three skies: the one you see,

the one you think about,


and the one that’s really there.

Our illusions falter on an edge


we prefer to imagine,

a definition beyond sight.


But the eye has no horizon,

the mind no extension


beyond itself. Each sky

is the mirrored apprehension


of its own idea, and each idea

propels us further into


the essential symmetry of landscape,

which neither reaches nor recedes.


Originally appeared in Ink, Sweat & Tears (UK)

Author Bio: Peter Taylor

Peter Taylor has published two books and three chapbooks and his poetry has appeared internationally in journals and anthologies. He has worked as a printer and bookbinder, medical publisher and institute director and holds a Master of Arts degree in English literature. He lives in Aurora, Canada.