Poem – THE MULTIPLEX (By John Zedolik)

THE MULTIPLEX – By John Zedolik


Walking on the left side is

walking on the same street

but it’s the other of the one

if the right has been the only

I have used in my journeys

up the hill and back home

in falling leaves or following

cold. And yet another arises


when walking in the middle

upon the tawny bricks in this

case, slushed from this current

clime. So three routes are

possible along this one way

and three views to the others

and bystanding windows, doors,

flights of three or four concrete

steps down to this track


where a shift in steps can carry

a body to another path even as

it moves and is always going

into another, onto succeeding

slab, foot, yard, moment and

minutes, at all times in several

spots from which to view the

world whirl past in its own

precession from one two or

three outlooks that multiple to

manifold with every stride ahead