Poem – The Titanic Tale (By Adebesin Ibraheem)

The Titanic Tale


1908 launched the gloomy history

The making of mystery story

A sea vehicle that took away all’s breath

A beast wrought with unequalled strength

A poignant parable of vainglorious hassle

A doomy debut foiled the fun of the fleeting vessel


That age that science carved a niche

Technological dexterity fuelled an ingenious itch

To sculpt what would rival Noah’s classic ark

And so flew by, four years of so grueling task

And the beast was wrought with polished sophistication

And Edward’s profane brag sealed the wondrous construction


Not even God could wreck this rock!

Southampton-bound, it’d sail its first flock

No inkling prickled the England-bound throng

That the craft’s April debut doubled as its swansong

Defiant Smith dared a tip of the iceberg in hide

The beast that’d prick the ride and ruin his pride


On April 14 at late sundown

The Titanic tale took a tragic drown

The unsinkable haven He sank without any apology

Shaming the arrogance of ingenious technology

And man’s humongous hubris into watery grave

Humbling humans’ hues that they’d stop to rave


The hundreds that beat the humid heat

On scarce lifeline boats told of the frigid sheet

That glazed, that night, the face of the sombre sea

Their first hand truth then made us see

The fittest of men, more than the weak, sailed through

Thousand mothers and kids froze beneath the blue


Their telling tale enraged the world

And London convention fixed the word:

Ample lifeboats, ceaseless ice patrol for iceberg alert

Constant radio watches… may all avert

Potential wreck on the genial face of the brine

Let no feat nor deed make man dare divine!

© adebesin


Author Bio: Adebesin Ibraheem

My name is Adebesin Ibraheem, a graduate of English. I am a passionate writer of poems, plays and novels/short stories. I have a published prose work titled“The University of Life”, a book recommended by the Lagos State government (in Nigeria) for the Year 12 class of schools in Lagos State. I also have a collection of unpublished poems. My chequered life experiences and my unquenchable urge to create, to write, spurred my interest in the beautiful art of writing. However, my passion for weaving richly embellished words has sustained my love for the art. I am still a young writer, particularly in the area of the advanced techniques of writing, but I doggedly aspire to learn more, through extensive reading, critical writing trainings, seminars, symposia, etc.