Poem – The Truth Is Out There (By Amy Hrynchuk)


The Truth Is Out There

On a cold, dark evening in a big city,
A woman left a small box
In front of a well lit house.
She knocked on the door
And when the porch light was lit,
She left without that box she brought.
The inside of the box
Contained only two things.
On a warm, summer night in the country,
A young woman in her twenties
Reads a worn note
That her mother had received
A long time ago.
After reading that old note,
That young woman realized that it had
Answered so many questions,
That her mother or
Should she say, a complete stranger
Could not answer for her.
That worn out note sends
the now middle aged woman,
All over the country trying to answer
The remaining question that,
The note did not answer.
She knows what she is looking for,
But she does not know where to find
That still nameless person.
Soon she finds who she is looking for,
In an old age home.
There she finds the rest of the answers
That she has looked for half her life.
And along with those answers,
Came a woman who was not
Ready to be a mother
And never will.