Poem – WAITING FOR SPRING (By Robert Trabold)

WAITING FOR SPRING  (By Robert Trabold)


I so wanted to go to

the seashore today – was a

a long winter. Wind at the

shore was sharp but

not bitter cold as in recent weeks.


Sun was out friendly.

Dunes were dull

still had winter’s

brown. Green of spring

too early for that.


I was not the only one

there –other people wanted

to touch the beauty awaiting

advent of warmth.


Ocean was the same

blue – vast – endless

waves. Did not lose

its mystery.


Walking at the seashore

mystery still there. Time

comes – time goes.

Years come – years go by.


Life has its cycles – mystery.
We live within them – caught

in them. Only God knows

how it will all turn out.


Let me not be frightened

by mystery. I have to

live with it – my life

my world with its wars.


As the waves keep

moving – crashing

on the shore, let me

do the same.


Seashore is beautiful

sign of hope – not all

will be in vain.

Dunes will be green soon.