Should We Push for Personalized Medicine?

Should We Push for Personalized Medicine
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The federal government is trying to get 1 million Americans to sign up to help in developing a personalized medicine program – AKA Precision Medicine.  By going with this program, it may help with the health and life expectancy of millions of Americans in the future.  Personalized medicine is currently being used in the treatment of cancer and it could help benefit in disease prevention in the future.  We may be able to identify some serious medical problems like cancer, heart disease, or diabetes earlier.  Researchers found that these diseases are killing people in high numbers in the United States.

At this time doctors determine treatment by looking at genetics.  With personal medicine they will be able to check on your DNA so they can start treatment by checking your proteins and bacteria to give the patient a personal treatment instead of generalized.

This DNA testing may also tell you if you will get a certain disease later on and some patients may not want to know their future.

Some officials also say that keeping a person’s DNA may be used in unofficial ways.  In California police found that the DNA for the Golden State Killer was taken from one of the DNA companies online data base led to his arrest.  Researchers found that DNA information is not subject to subpoenas and search warrants.  People may not feel very comfortable with this and it may take some time to get personalized medicine to come to the US.