Spectators Gored To Death In Bullfight

gored to death at bullfight
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Arjona, Colombia

Killed at bullfight: Spectators were gored to death and dozens injured at a bullfight in northern Colombia. One man was gored through the heart, while another was tossed on a bull’s horns and then dragged around the ring. It is not uncommon for participants or spectators to be gored to death at bullfights.

Unlike Spanish bullfights, in which a single matador in the ring faces down a bull and kills it, Colombian bullfights allow spectators to run or ride horseback around the field. Some of the unfortunate ones end up gored to death by the bull. Sometimes they just get trampled and suffer broken bones and lacerations. But death is always a possibility in exchange for the adrenaline rush they are seeking.

The bulls are not killed, but spectator participants often are. “It is a party that is open to the people, and the people have the right to enjoy it all,” said spectator Jose Miguel Gutierrez.

Spectators Gored To Death In Bullfight