Separated at birth

Bao Lulin was always being mistaken for someone else.  People would approach her at the restaurant where she worked in Guizho, China, asking why she didn’t recognize them.  This October she discovered why: Lulin had an identical twin sister from whom she’d been separated at birth; she was living hundreds of miles away.  Each had been adopted and raised with no […]

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Seeing The Light In China

Bad drivers in Shenzhen, China, who blast oncoming motorists with high beam headlights will now face in-kind punishment from police. Police officials in the Chinese city said drivers who abuse the use of high beams will be stopped by police, ticketed for roughly $50, pulled from their car, and forced to stare into police cruiser headlights for five minutes. According […]

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Helping The Homeless in San Francisco

A nonprofit group in San Francisco is helping the city’s homeless population with a former public transit bus that’s been outfitted with two bathrooms, complete with toilets and hot showers. “If you’re living on the streets and you’re filthy, you can’t interview for a job and you can’t apply for housing,” explains the group’s founder, Doniece Sandoval. “You get disconnected […]

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