The European Union’s environmental agency said targets to curb pollution and climate change by 2050 would he missed without “profound changes” in technology, lifestyle and policy. The agency said poor air quality in Europe causes hundreds of thousands of early deaths a year.

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Human waste from the roughly 700 climbers who scale Mount Everest every year poses a serious health issue on the slopes, the head of Nepal’s mountaineering association warned on March 3. He urged the government to push climbers to dispose of their waste responsibly.

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Right place, right time

Cary Clevenger, 14, was playing with his friend Gavin Starns outside Gavin’s house in Austin when he happened to look up.  Perched on the ledge of a second-story window was Gavin’s 2-year-old brother, Cannon.  At that moment, Cannon pushed through the screen and tumbled forward.  He bounced off an exterior lamp—and into Cary’s arms.  The two hit the ground but were […]

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