Humanity Trumps Payday

When Chinese fisherman CaiTu hauled in a 200-pound, 100-year-old sea turtle, he knew he had to do the right thing and release the endangered animal. The decision wasn’t easy: Cai could have earned two months’ wages by selling the delicacy to a restaurant, where it would have been made into soup. “I looked into that turtle’s eyes and saw something […]

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The human side of the oil industry

The temporary housing settlements of Williston, N.D., might seem like an unlikely haunt for archaeologists. Nonetheless, a team of “punk archaeologists” are there, finding the history in the present by peering into the lives of people at the heart of North Dakota’s oil industry. Thanks to the lucrative nature of the “Bakken boom” — the ongoing oil drilling in North […]

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Paralyzed Pup That Nobody Wanted To Help

Paralyzed Pup

Nobody Wanted To Help This Paralyzed Pup. But Then A Model Spotted Him Crawling Along A Beach. A relaxing walk along the beach is supposed to be a holiday highlight. However, for one vacationing model, it turned into a heartbreaking encounter. The paralyzed pup that was dragging his back legs across the ground to get to her seemed to be […]

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