Demographic suicide

Among the consequences of Europe’s aban-Ife donment of its religious roots and the moral “code that derives therefrom is a plunge in its birth rates to below the replacements level. Abortion, birth control, acceptance of gay marriage and casual sex are driving the trend. Europe is “committing demographic suicide, systematically depopulating itself,” according to Weigel. United Nations population statistics back […]

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Priests attack gays

Tbilisi, Georgia Orthodox priests led a mob of some 20,000 people in an attack on a small gay-rights rally in the Georgian capital last week. On a new crusade Television images showed priests throwing rocks, punching people, and pounding the buses that were trying to evacuate the marchers. Dozens of people were injured. “I am not able to either condemn […]

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Giant church in shape of shoe in Taiwan

CHIAYI COUNTY, Taiwan – Budai, a township in southwest Taiwan, has built a church in the form of a giant high-heeled shoe, made of metal and blue glass tiles, seeking to  attract more tourists to the area. It is mainly used for weddings by locals. The structure is some 17 meters (55.77 ft) tall at the highest point, the heel. […]

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