Poem – Destinations (By Gil Hoy)

Destinations – By Gil Hoy A lizard crossed my path with no skin, Just armor for protection from car treads and sun tan lotion to keep the sun’s rays out. Its tongue had just scooped up an unsuspecting grasshopper who had hopped off a blade of glistening wet grass, not knowing what was coming— having just kissed the wife and […]

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Poem – Oxymoronic Blues (By Mankh)

Oxymoronic Blues – By Mankh corporations legally persons while persons treated as illegals, Facebook and faceless corporations, home alone on social media, consumer confidence, industrial park, professional sports a game, state-of-the-Art, free press, politically correct, “…deriving their Powers from the Consent of the Governed”, peacekeeper missile, friendly fire, holy war, pre-emptive self-defense, virtual reality, false profits predicting a future based […]

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Poem – Remembering (for Eduardo Galeano) – By Mankh

Remembering (for Eduardo Galeano) – By Mankh “I’m a writer obsessed with remembering…”                                    – Eduardo Galeano Having heard them before, sometimes when they are nowhere to be seen i hear geese calling. Is this, Eduardo, how you were obsessed with remembering? Once touched by something that commands eyes skyward, heart shifting its pumping, the feet stopping in their tracks […]

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