The Truth About Red Meat

The Truth About Red Meat
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If you are eating red meat are you at an increase risk of dying from heart disease or cancer?  As for heart disease it is possible because red meat has high levels of saturated fats.  If you have high levels of LDL cholesterol, there is a higher risk of heart disease.  Its not clear that eating red meat will cause cancer but you might be at a risk of colorectal cancer. People who consume about 4 ounces of red meat or processed meat on a daily basis over a 10-year period were more likely to die earlier of heart disease or cancer than people who ate smaller amounts.

Many studies have found that eating red meat is a major cause of heart disease and cancer even though the meat industry says that there is no link between the two.  They say that eating lean red meat does fit into a heart healthy diet.

World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research have found that eating red meat and processed meats are probable causes of some cancers.  They also discovered that there is a link between eating red meat, processed meats, and colorectal cancer.  It’s also suggested that lung, esophageal, stomach, pancreatic, and endometrial cancers may be linked to eating red meat or processed meats.

It’s not clear as to why eating red meat or processed meats cause cancers.  There are many studies trying to come up with the reasons.  Some studies do show that eating saturated fats is linked to colon cancer, breast cancer and heart disease.  Damaged cells can lead to cancer that may be produced by the Heme Iron found in meats.

Red meat is full of iron that is needed by teenage girls and women of childbearing age that is lacking in their bodies.  Vitamin B-12, Heme Iron, and zinc is in red meat that is needed to make DNA and keep red blood cells healthy and the immune system working properly.  In order to build bones and muscles a person needs to consume some red meats for the protein that it provides.

If you are going to eat red meat try to keep it to the lean cuts and loins that are better for your health.