The world’s No. 1 streaker

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Mark Roberts likes nothing more than taking off his clothes in public, said Adam Lee P6tter in The Daily Mail (U.K.). The 48-year-old from Liverpool, England, is the world’s most notorious streaker: He has appeared naked at 519 public events, including the Super Bowl, Miss World, and Wimbledon. “There’s no major venue or event I haven’t done,” he says proudly.

His first streak, 20 years ago, was at a rugby tournament in Hong Kong, the result of a drunken pub bet. “I ran round the whole stadium, and 65,000 people were cheering and laughing—it was the most amazing feeling,” says Roberts. “There’s nothing sexual about it—it’s just comedy nudity.” But a recent comment by his 19-year-old son inspired him to call it quits. “He said, ‘Dad when are you going to stop?

All my mates are watching you.’ I asked him, ‘What do they say?’ And he said, They all laugh their heads off.’ So I replied, ‘What’s the problem, then?’ He just said, ‘Well, you’re my dad.’ That really hit home.” Roberts, who is jobless—partly because his streaking has resulted in a long arrest record—hopes to organize “one last mass streak with hundreds or thousands of people.” But after that, he has promised to find another hobby. “I need something else for the adrenaline. I might take up skydiving.”