Octopus on Parade

Octopus on Parade Ceredigion UK

In Ceredigion, UK a parade of dozens of octopus decided to come out of the sea and land on a Welsh beach where they alarmed some beach goers.  These octopus measured at least 20 inches in length.  Some of the people decided to put the octopus back in the water and noticed that some of them had washed up on […]

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The world’s No. 1 streaker

Mark Roberts likes nothing more than taking off his clothes in public, said Adam Lee P6tter in The Daily Mail (U.K.). The 48-year-old from Liverpool, England, is the world’s most notorious streaker: He has appeared naked at 519 public events, including the Super Bowl, Miss World, and Wimbledon. “There’s no major venue or event I haven’t done,” he says proudly. […]

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Why the beach is a pitiful sight

Britain’s “decayed seaside resorts” have become a dumping ground for society’s outcasts, said Libby Purves. Towns like Blackpool, Margate, and Clacton-on-Sea were holiday destinations for generations of English families. But they began to decline in the 1970s, when package tours abroad became cheap and popular. Housing prices fell, and authorities began seeing the towns as places to warehouse people difficult […]

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While sunning themselves on the Birling Gap Beach, some tourists noticed that there was a haze coming across the beach.  As it reached them, they started coughing and choking.  They told the authorities that it smelled like chlorine.    The people were then taken to the hospital, vomiting and in respiratory distress.  The authorities said that it was unlikely to be […]

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