Toxins Should We Be Concerned?

Toxins Should We Be Concerned
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We should be aware of the products that we are consuming and letting our children consume.  When companies spray pesticides, it gets into the food that we eat and then eventually into our bodies.  The EPA ran tests on the food that we eat like fruits, vegetables, and dairy and found that over 50% of the items tested showed that they were below the EPA standards or showed no pesticides at all.  It showed that in the US the food supply is the safest in the world.  Back in 1990 it was concluded that most of the pesticides were considered natural and they pose no threat to the health of the population.

Tests also show that some pesticides, plastics, shampoos, cosmetics, food can liners, and some flame retardants in furniture do contain toxins.  Some may suffer from breast, prostate, and uterine cancers, obesity, diabetes, and infertility from these toxins, If pregnant women are exposed to chemicals they may cause birth defects, the babies may also suffer from cancers or fertility problems at a later age.

It has been known that if you lead a well-balanced life, diet, exercise, and alcohol at a moderate amount you may keep yourself toxin free.