Wild Coffee Extinction Possible

Wild Coffee Extinction - Antarctica Journal News

Let it be known that you should enjoy your cup of joe now because it may become extinct due to climate change.  Coffee beans need a certain type of climate to grow.  Some of the coffee bean areas in Madagascar and Tanzania are disappearing due to climate change, deforestation, and disease. Wild coffee extinction is definitely a possible outcome.

The Arabica beans are now on the endangered list to become extinct in about 60 years.  They have done a study on about 124 different beans and found that 60% are at risk of extinction. Wild coffee extinction is now an extremely high possibility.  More than a 100 years ago there were some coffee beans that are not around in this era.

Right now, the coffee industry is thriving but in long term their health may be at risk.  The wild coffee strains help with stability and diversity while also providing a bastion against diseases.

The loss of the wild coffee beans will have the most impact on the small farm-owners.  The most coffee beans are cultivated in Ethiopia, where the arabica beans are grown.

Researchers have advocated that scientists, policymakers, coffee industry and the farmers need to get together to protect the future of the coffee industry.