Poem – Dark Dream (By David Russell)

Dark Dream Out came the swarms of shadow things To make their dead messages, To find their story-forms, Glinting chitin delighting, Reeding the pitches.   Down went the depths, encased and ethered, Numbing us to touch the greater.   Down went the coils of lit signs, And made the questions dark and known, And made the answers dark and known […]

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Poem – Remembering (for Eduardo Galeano) – By Mankh

Remembering (for Eduardo Galeano) – By Mankh “I’m a writer obsessed with remembering…”                                    – Eduardo Galeano Having heard them before, sometimes when they are nowhere to be seen i hear geese calling. Is this, Eduardo, how you were obsessed with remembering? Once touched by something that commands eyes skyward, heart shifting its pumping, the feet stopping in their tracks […]

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