Poem – Computer Virus (By David Russell)

Computer Virus Gulleted  in spark glint veins Flabbering circuits in floppies Print-out piled high, choking, crimped;   Programme busy; not applied; Insufficient memory.   Germs swallowed ink; Myopic suction   Greek symbol coffee grounds The winking green a vaccine   The quantum got under the mouse   Insufficient disk space. We crash the orbit.   A spiky cursor jams backlogs […]

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Poem – Liberation (By Amy Hrynchuk)

  Liberation “We heard a loud voice repeating the same words in English and in German…”1 May 25 1940, the first transport of thousands were marched through those gates. Gates that opened to what a select few called the Final Solution. But to those on the inside, the Final Solution had yet to come. Their Liberation Their Freedom Numbers painfully […]

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Poem – Destinations (By Gil Hoy)

Destinations – By Gil Hoy A lizard crossed my path with no skin, Just armor for protection from car treads and sun tan lotion to keep the sun’s rays out. Its tongue had just scooped up an unsuspecting grasshopper who had hopped off a blade of glistening wet grass, not knowing what was coming— having just kissed the wife and […]

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