New Species of Whale Discovered In Antarctica

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Scientists believe is a new whale species is doing the exact opposite of other whales. It is being as heard as it is seen.

Recordings taken near the polar continent captured a strange, never-before-heard whale sound — a signal they are calling “Antarctic BW29”. Researchers say that they located the signal 1,000 times in 14 separate recordings.

The unique sounds are similar to a chirp and are usually associated with a particular kind of whale, known as beaked whales to navigate their way. Scientists are able to identify what species of beaked whale is nearby just by listening to the recordings. But while this particular signal has similar frequencies and pulses that beak whales use, it’s still different from anything ever heard before.

Beaked whales are a family of whales that is known for its members’ “highly elusive behavior.” They are notoriously difficult to spot, diving deep into the ocean’s depths and only surfacing for short periods of time. As a result, scientists are still discovering different species today. One species, Deraniyagala‘s beaked whale, was only identified last year.

Because beaked whales are so poorly studied, it is possible that the sound comes from an already-observed species that is finally speaking on the record. But given the whales’ slippery past, the authors believe that there is a chance that this signal might indicate a species that hasn’t been observed yet. It will take further research to get to the bottom of this mystery, but we’re keeping our ears peeled.



Whale Song

Balaena universus hominis - Whale as one with Human
Whale Song recording and mastering by The Oceania Project:

Established in 1988, The Oceania Project is an independent, nonprofit, scientific research organisation dedicated to the conservation and protection of Whales, Dolphins and the Oceans. The first phase of a long-term study of the East Australian Humpback Whales has been the major work of The Oceania Project:

Humpback whale songs are passed down over generations and evolve in a similar fashion to the verbally transmitted tribal lore of Australian Aboriginal Culture from where the term Songlines is derived. Songlines of the Whales Playlist:

The East Australian Humpback Whales travel in an unending cycle of migration between their birthplace in the inter-reef lagoon of the Great Barrier Reef and their Antarctic feeding areas.

Their world is comprised of vast stretches of ocean where songs emitted by the Humpback Whales can be heard over great distances. Each year the whales sing a new song. Haunting melodies of radiant joy which fill the ocean along the East Coast of Australia.

When ecosystems across the planet are collapsing and species are becoming extinct at an accelerating rate, the East Australian Humpback Whales are making a remarkable recovery. They have become Australia's national treasure and a symbol of hope for our imperilled environment.

We as the new generation of caretakers of the planet Earth have learnt from the mistakes of our elders and are helping nurture the Rebirth of a Species.

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